West Coast Love

Early mornings and late nights, it’s the west coast way. I’ve travelled from Vancouver Island all the way down to Southern California along the coast. Since my early 20’s my quest has been to find beautiful, quiet beaches. I’ve never been part of the “surfer” culture, but have always followed the surf and sun to some beautiful locations.

The west coast is obviously known for its sunsets, but recently we were reminded that there are some inlets or coves where you can get both the sunset and sunrise. Cordova Bay, Victoria is just one of these places on Vancouver Island. I’m an off season kind of girl (I live in Calgary and it’s freezing here) and 10 degrees and pretty chill as far as I am concerned.

Cordova Bay is quiet with limited shops and restaurants (the beach house wasn’t bad to eat). It seems mostly like a retirement and vacation location with houses basically built right on the beach. There are a few gems in this location and it offers beautiful sunrises. Glassy water in the morning for paddle boarding and kayaking, and evening gentle waves to fall asleep too.

Cordova Bay absolutely encourages me to move to the west coast.

XO Caroline

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