Hi, I am Caroline Calder.
I am inspired by code, travel, and natural products. Welcome to my website!

Canadian made

Growing up in rural Alberta helped me to see the value in small local businesses and how that builds a community. It’s easy to get caught up in the consumerism

Building emails

I’ve been actively engaged in the world of email marketing for a few years now. As a modern front-end developer building emails felt like a bit like a step backward,

Artichoke Pepper Fettuccine

My latest idea for homemade pasta was charred Artichoke and black pepper fettuccini. I like to make pasta and freeze individual size portions, so I can have fresh pasta whenever

Rearview mirror

Reinventing me, 2019 was a year of discovery and change for my life as a whole. Yes, even in my late 30’s I absolutely switched it up and changed my

I am a front end developer based out of Calgary, Alberta. I’ve always had a creative entrepreneurial spirit with many passions. I was raised on a ranch in rural Alberta and truly value sticking with local.
When I'm not writing code and marketing, I make natural products.