Kettlebell workouts at home.

As I attempt to maintain my sanity plus stay in shape at home I’ve found a routine of different kettlebell workouts have been hugely helpful. These little weights are my favourite and I would say the most versatile out there. There is a lot of kettlebell material on YouTube, but my preferred super fit lady would be Caroline Girvan, and not just because of her great name. She has a full range of different workouts from targeted to full body with different time lengths. I found the different lengths super helpful for my more unpredictable days.

Best morning work out videos.

45 min full body work out.
Watch here >

30 min superset full body
Watch here >

15 min kettlebell work out (for when I have zero time)
Watch here >

Regardless of what my morning looks like it nice to get at least 15 minutes in for a kettlebell workout. It will get my heart pumping and blood flowing before spending my day at my computer.