Growing up in rural Alberta helped me to see the value in small local businesses and how that builds a community. It’s easy to get caught up in the consumerism of the big retailers, but I always try to ask myself why. I want the Ma and Pa shop to stick around and I want to see familiar faces. It helps me to hold on to my roots in the country.

I support Canadian companies and shop small local where I can. There is something wholesome and familiar about building relationships with those who provide my goods and services. I understand there are some items and some instances that would pose a better opportunity to purchase products from a larger or international retailer.

I want to strengthen my community. Why not keep my hard-earned income here? It might cost a few dollars extra but it, in turn, fuels the local economy to create more jobs. It builds relationships, friendships, and a sense of a safe self-reliant community.

I pledge that in 2020 to be more self-aware. I will only buy what I have to from the bigger producers and spend more time looking for local alternatives. I will support smaller companies where and local producers where I can. I will spend more time getting to know those around me and living a more wholesome lifestyle.

If you have a local business I would start here with Calgary’s buy local program.

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