Open flame cooking

If you follow the Transalta road down to the river bed (4×4 recommended) and continue on the roughly cut vehicle paths up the dried flood basin, you will find a series of semi hidden river stone fire pits and cook spots. I try to go up as far as I can to escape the city folk the happen to stumble on this spot (I’m usually hopeful most of them don’t have the vehicle to get down the hill and across the water crossings).

If you continue to push further along the river bed and through a course of river crossings and an old bridge you will come to the back side of Lake Minnewanka. I typically stop before the first river crossing, especially if I’m solo. I would highly recommend having adequate recovery gear or multiple rigs if you plan on adventuring further. If you dig yourself into the river it could result in a cold long night; although, in recent years traffic in this area has increased, so someone would likely come along to help.

There are a few little sheltered spots with already built fire pits out of large river rocks that are perfect for cooking steaks on. These little mid river bed “oasis’s” are host to deer and other wildlife, and are surrounded by the backside of several well known mountains. (you would see the other side on the way to Canmore/Banff). I typically bring a rib steak to cook on a nice flat surface and just take in the quite. Perhaps do some reading by the fire.

It’s a beautiful spot. Due to aggressive deforestation and increased use of clueless humans the landscape is dramatically changing. Doubtful I will spend as much time there as I have in the past due to how much it’s degraded, but will always maintain my great memories and experiences.