Selling products on Amazon.

** I have since removed all products from amazon **

I’ve had my product Paw Wonderful for the duration of 2021 and I have learned a lot. Do I shop on amazon? Nope, I have only made one purchase on amazon. Do I like Amazon? Nope, I think the company has amassed way too much wealth and control. I did decide to try selling my products just to see.

What worked on Amazon.

In the beginning I was selling bulk paw balm and fulfilling the orders on my own by including shipping into the price. Bulk packaging of 6 balm actually did really well and I took care of the shipping. I sold a few singles as well with some luck. In my opinion this is the way to go for items that sit at a lower price point. The only down side is having to calculate the shipping.

What did not work on Amazon.

Amazon fulfillment shipping is a complete waste of money for products like Paw Wonderful, for several reasons. My products are priced on the low side, so the fulfillment fees really eat into the profit and then there is the fee amazon charges for even selling the product on the platform. Amazon requires barcodes and plastic wrap for the products which again takes more of my time and money as a small business. The only benefit is to be able to sell on prime.

I would not recommend amazon fulfillment for lower priced small businesses products, unless you want to gain exposure and reviews. Otherwise, it’s basically cost me money to sell in this program.

You can always support small business on their own website too! Paw Wonderful