Making Beeswax Candles.

Ok, so I attempted to make hand dipped candles. Let me tell you it is not easy at all. I understand why they can be a bit pricey at times. It’s a bit of an art and don’t get me started about trying to make tapered candles. Mine look like little sausages, but are mostly even, so I suppose that is a good start.

There is something totally old fashion about having hand dipped candles and honestly it doesn’t make too much of a mess if you are careful. Keep in mid that I make several other beeswax products, so I do purchase it in bulk. Also, I have a bit of a system when handling the wax to keep my mess down to a respectable amount.

Beeswax candles hold some great benefits as well. They are considered a natural “air purifier” because they release negative ions when burned, so I’ll take them over chemical made who knows where any day.

My janky (thanks for that word Raine) candles inspire me to decorate my heritage loft maybe just a bit more “Gothic” for the coming cold season. Maybe some old timey candle holders or lanterns for fall. Fun right?

I buy wax in bulk and this is why Paw Wonderful >