Honey, honey

We all know how valuable bees are to our ecosystem. They pollinate plants that produce a lot of our food and without them we’d be in trouble. They also produce one of my favorite things, honey.

One specific honey produced in New Zealand comes from the Manuka plant (it has a few other names as well) and contains much higher levels antibacterial properties than typical honey. It is said to have many medical properties and benefits, but that’s not for me to confirm.

I’m a lifetime acne combination skin sufferer that has tried more skin care products that I can count. Most stop working eventually or completely dry out my skin. I currently live in the harsh, cold and dry place of Calgary, so needless to say combination skin is a challenge here.

I recently reintroduced Manuka honey back into my skin care routine as a mask. Keep in mind I also use other very high quality skin care. Essentially, I could eat my mask if I wanted lol. I find it less sticky than regular honey in case you are wondering.

The difference in my skin is noticeable. It retains moisture and keeps the dewy look all day. I use a mask once a day for at least ten minutes and typically in the morning. I could easily use it twice a day as a cleanser without irritating my skin. I still get occasional hormone acne and will probably get it for the rest of my life, but the honey cuts the healing time way down. It also quickly takes away any irritation or acne redness.

In short, I love it. You can eat it and put it on the skin. I’ve used it on minor cuts to speed up healing time.

Manuka is specialized and prices can range from $20 – $200+ for 250g depending on UMF number. The higher the number the more “benefits” the honey has.

It can be ordered directly from New Zealand https://newzealandhoneyco.com or you can buy it from Planet Organic or Community here in Alberta.

Full disclosure, Manuka honey works great for me. I do not have a bee allergy, so keep that before using the honey. Any cuts or scars I used it on were pretty superficial and not deep.

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