Working remotely is one of the most difficult and rewarding things I’ve ever done. It’s rewarding because I love the freedom and flexibility, it’s actually amazing. It’s difficult for many reasons like: Staying focused, relearning methods of communication, fear of not working hard enough, shutting down after a full day of work, getting dressed, leaving your house… and there are more.

I’ve been learning my remote routine and how to be as productive as possible. It’s a little tough to focus sometimes because my current position touches on a lot of different software and technologies. Some days I feel like a jack of all trades, but it’s a fantastic learning opportunity and a challenge.

Simple ways I keep a routine:

  1. Start my morning with meditation and/or yoga, plus get up way too early.
  2. Wash my face and brush my hair. I mean I don’t go crazy and put on make-up unless I have a meeting but it’s nice to at least try.
  3. Make breakfast before starting work.
  4. Take actual breaks (especially lunch) and run an errand or throw a snack in there.
  5. Go to a cafe and do a task there. I like to plan what I will be doing and roughly how long before I start.
  6. If your job allows you go work from somewhere else. I’ve gone to other cities and worked from there just to switch it up. If I am there over a weekend I can sight see then and in the evenings.
  7. Lastly, stop working after a normal work day. Track my time. I have to continue living life outside of work.

These are a few things that have helped so far, but it’s obviously still a work in progress…