Canola field Alberta, Canada

Minimalist style

building a functional and small wardrobe. Is it necessary to have a massive wardrobe? I always found myself envious of my friend’s wardrobes, but it wasn’t the size of the wardrobe that made me jealous. It was the few high quality timeless classics I’d always see them wear. Meanwhile, I was still buying low quality sale outfits, ew. Then I learned the difference between “fashion” and “style”.

Fashion. You know, the seasonal colour or weird ruffled shirts we are all tempted to buy, but only wear a few times before throwing it into the “give away” pile. personally I can’t think of a bigger waste of money. I would always find these items on sale, which actually means they are on the way out. Here I was thinking I was getting a “fabulous deal” for this future monstrosity.

Style. These are the timeless pieces that I love for years. Typically they are high quality, neutral colours, and real sustainable materials. Also, I don’t mind wearing a nice name brand vs my cheepo quantity clothing I typically get off the sale rack.

I need a fully functional wardrobe. I want clothing to wear to my day job and other activities. Having separate work/play wardrobes just isn’t an option for me. I live in less then 300 square feet, so space is of the essence.

For me the key to a basic wardrobe is neutral colours and cross functional clothing. If pants are too tight I do more stairs. If I feel bored I spice it up with a coloured tank and some heels. I wear all my clothing. I careless about how I dress because I already have the classics and far less options. There is no “does this look cheap?” or “is this colour still in?”. I buy clothing less and I wear it until it wears out.

I have defined my own style. It reflects in my daily life and the work that I do. Minimalism. Clean. Easy to navigate.